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This catchy French back-to-school song, BONNE RENTRÉE, is a fun introduction to the classroom and a handy checklist of school supplies!  Is your backpack ready?  Let’s check!  The song features the debut of Laura Prossaird as a lead vocalist, accompanied by her proud papa, French composer and performer, Didier Prossaird. 


Thanksgiving has arrived! The family is all together. What has everyone brought to share? This catchy French children’s song teaches French vocabulary for different kinds of food and members of the family. The song, composed by Didier Prossaird, is from the Whistlefritz CD CARNAVAL.  Song “LE JOUR DE L’ACTION DE GRÂCE” from the Whistlefritz […]

À LA CLAIRE FONTAINE (At the Clear Fountain)

This beautiful, traditional French song — “À LA CLAIRE FONTAINE” — has been a beloved children’s song for centuries. A soothing quiet down song or lullaby, the song is perfect for the end of the day. This original arrangement by French composer, Didier Prossaird, is from the Whistlefritz CD CARNAVAL.  Song “À LA CLAIRE […]

AH ! VOUS DIRAI-JE, MAMAN (Oh, Shall I Tell You Mommy?)

In this traditional French children’s song — “AH ! VOUS DIRAI-JE, MAMAN” — the child complains to his mother that Daddy wants him to reason like a grown-up, but he thinks reasoning is overrated and candy is better than reason! This original arrangement of the traditional French song is from the Whistlefritz CD CARNAVAL. Song […]

LA FÊTE DES MÈRES (Mother’s Day)

This French Mother’s Day song — “LA FÊTE DES MÈRES” — is a perfect sing-along for young children and school classes to celebrate Mother’s Day. The song teaches children French vocabulary for things mothers do for their children as well as typical Mother’s Day gifts. The beautiful sentiment expressed in the song is a fitting […]


What could be better than a day celebrating crepes? That’s exactly what happens on La Chandeleur! La Chandeleur is a fun and tasty French tradition associated with the February 2nd holiday of Candelmas. The French tradition involves the preparation of delicious crepes. This original French children’s song –“LA CHANDELEUR” — teaches kids French vocabulary for […]

COMMENT ÇA VA ? (How Are You?)

How are you? Great! Let’s play! So-so. Not well. Tired. Better. This French children’s song — “COMMENT ÇA VA ?” — teaches children different emotions and responses to the question “How are you?” in French. Children can act out the different responses along with the song, then role-play their own responses aftewards. This light-hearteded song […]


La galette des rois — the “king cake” or “kings’ cake” — is a fun and tasty French tradition associated with the January 6th holiday of Epiphany.  According to tradition, the baker of the cake inserts la fève — a tiny charm or figurine — into the cake and then it is sliced.  The youngest […]


“In France, we speak French. That’s the country I’m from. But there are many other countries, you know, where they speak French too.” This fun call-and-response song teaches kids the names of many of the countries in the world where French is spoken. This French children’s song — “ON PARLE LE FRANÇAIS” — composed by […]

L’AUTOMNE (Autumn)

The leaves are changing. It’s time to go back to school. It’s autumn! What a beautiful season! This French children’s song –“L’AUTOMNE” — teaches French vocabulary associated with autumn. A great sing-a-long for all ages. The song, composed by Didier Prossaird, is from the Whistlefritz CD CARNAVAL. Song “L’AUTOMNE” from the Whistlefritz CD CARNAVAL. L’AUTOMNE (Autumn) […]