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If anything is possible, what would you do for your birthday? In this French song for kids, the only limits are a child’s imagination, as she considers what to do for her birthday, from flying and going to the amusement park to riding ponies, visiting the Statue of Liberty, and more! The song, performed by […]

J’AIME ÇA (I Like That)

This playful song teaches a wide variety of foods from couscous to kiwis, sausage to sushi, and beans to oysters. It also teaches kids how to express preferences in French with the phrases “I like that” and “I don’t like that.” The song, performed by Didier Prossaird, is from Whistlefritz’s CD AU ZOO (At the […]

AH ! VOUS DIRAI-JE, MAMAN (Oh, Shall I Tell You Mommy?)

In this traditional French children’s song — “AH ! VOUS DIRAI-JE, MAMAN” — the child complains to his mother that Daddy wants him to reason like a grown-up, but he thinks reasoning is overrated and candy is better than reason! This original arrangement of the traditional French song is from the Whistlefritz CD CARNAVAL. Song […]


Qu’est-ce que tu aimes bien manger? Moi, j’aime manger . . . This fun video clip from Whistlefritz’s video DEDANS ET DEHORS teaches children how to say “I like to eat” in French as well as the French words for the different types of foods they like to eat — apples, broccoli, bananas, corn, chicken, […]