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EN HAUT, EN BAS (Up, Down)

The best way to learn a language is to incorporate as many senses as possible in the learning process. Whether playing with a parachute or engaging in other gross motor activities, this song helps children make a physical connection with the French positional words “up” and “down.”   The song is from Whistlefritz’s CD ALLONS DANSER! […]


Don’t giggle! This traditional French folksong is a fun musical game that begins with two kids holding each other’s goatees and staring at each other. The first one to laugh loses. Laughter is infectious as the players hold different parts of each other’s faces while trying to coax their partner into a smile or giggle. […]

SUR LE PONT D’AVIGNON (On The Bridge of Avignon)

This beloved traditional French folksong gives children a perfect opportunity to dress up and take part in the action, whether as a cook, carpenter, singer, police officer, conductor, musician, gentleman, lady, or child. The diverse members of the community all dance together on the famous bridge of Avignon teaching the French words for different jobs. […]

LES JOURS DE LA SEMAINE (The Days of the Week)

“LES JOURS DE LA SEMAINE” is a fun, action-oriented song that teaches the days of the week in French. The song begins on Monday with children putting their hands up in the air. On Tuesday, they hop on one foot, then put their hands in the air. And so on and so forth, as each […]


In this fun and interactive traditional French children’s song, kids make different motions with their hands and arms. They clap their hands; they spin them like a windwill; they move them like a fish; they fly like a bird. The motions start out slowly, but get faster and faster until they are comically quick. The […]

LES NOMBRES (The Numbers)

Kids affectionately call this song the “Cha, cha, cha Song”. In addition to teaching kids about the style of music known as “cha cha”, this song teaches French numbers from 1 to 100. The song is from Whistlefritz’s CD CHA, CHA, CHA – French Learning Songs. Song “LES NOMBRES” from the Whistlefritz CD CHA, CHA, CHA.

UN, DEUX ET TROIS (One, Two and Three

This high-energy, participatory song – “UN, DEUX ET TROIS” – gets kids up on their feet dancing and learning the parts of the body in French!  As they count along, kids move their heads, arms, legs, waist, hips, and whole body to the irresistible Latin music of this song.  The song is from Whistlefritz’s CD […]

CACHE-CACHE (Hide and Seek)

1, 2, 3, I’m looking for my friends. 4, 5, 6, where are they? 7, 8, 9, they’re hiding. 10, here I come! This active hide-and-seek song teaches children French numbers from 1 to 10 as they search for their hiding playmates. The song is from Whistlefritz’s CD CHA, CHA, CHA – French Learning Songs. […]

LES DOIGTS (The Fingers)

This bouncy, interactive French children’s song, performed by Marie-Louise Desage, teaches French numbers from 1 to 10. The video clip appears in Whistlefritz’s video ON VA JOUER. The song is from Whistlefritz’s CD ALLONS DANSER! Song “LES DOIGTS” from the Whistlefritz CD ALLONS DANSER!Video from the Whistlefritz video ON VA JOUER.