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EN HAUT, EN BAS (Up, Down)

The best way to learn a language is to incorporate as many senses as possible in the learning process. Whether playing with a parachute or engaging in other gross motor activities, this song helps children make a physical connection with the French positional words “up” and “down.”   The song is from Whistlefritz’s CD ALLONS DANSER! […]

Counting in French

In this fun scene from Whistlefritz’s video DEDANS ET DEHORS, kids learn to count with the help of some mysteriously disappearing cookies.  Video from the Whistlefritz video DEDANS ET DEHORS.


This high-energy, interactive song “LA DANSE DES MAINS” teaches kids French vocabulary for positional words (ex: in front of, behind, on the side, etc.). Kids use their gross motor skills to act out different French positional words — in front of, behind, above, below — all to lively Latin music. The video clip appears in Whistlefritz’s […]