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Under a button that Martin found, there was a tiny, little mouse. Infused with the rhythm of the Congo, this soukous arrangement is an exciting new musical twist on the beloved traditional Spanish children’s song — “DEBAJO UN BOTÓN.” Kids will love singing the percussive repetition of the last syllable of each line in the […]


Here comes the wolf! In this song and game, kids are going for a walk in the woods, but they have to be careful. If The Wolf is in the woods, he’ll eat them. So, kids cautiously take turns asking The Wolf what he’s doing to make sure they’ll be safe.   As long as the […]


Esta canción tradicional en español es bien conocida y muy querida en todo el mundo. Como ocurre con muchas canciones tradicionales antiguas en muchas lenguas, algunos de los versos no son adecuados para niños. Por eso hemos conservado el estribillo de toda la vida, pero con una letra educativa y apta para los más pequeños. […]


Monkeys, giraffes, tigers, zebras, and pandas all dance together in a wild musical celebration at the zoo. This catchy merengue song introduces children to a wide variety of wild animals and the Spanish words for those animals. The song — “EN EL ZOOLÓGICO” — is performed by Jorge Anaya on Whistlefritz’s CD ¡SABOR! – Spanish […]


This Spanish version of the American classic “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” teaches the names and sounds of barnyard animals in Spanish. From ducks and donkeys to pigs and roosters, children will enjoy singing along in Spanish to a familiar tune. The song, performed by Jorge Anaya, is from Whistlefritz’s CD ¡SABOR! – Spanish Learning […]


Like the English folksong, “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”, this traditional Spanish children’s song – “VENGAN A VER MI GRANJA” – teaches children the different animals that live on a farm and the sounds they make. The song, performed by Jorge Anaya, is from Whistlefritz’s CD ¡A BAILAR! – Spanish Learning Songs. The scene is […]


Kids will love hearing this familiar folksong about a farmer and his dog with a Latin twist.   The song is from Whistlefritz’s CD CHA, CHA, CHA — Spanish Learning Songs.   Song “BINGO” from the Whistlefritz CD CHA, CHA, CHA. BINGO ©2010 Whistlefritz LLC. All rights reserved. Todos los derechos reservados. Había un perro en una granja […]


How many elephants can fit on a spider’s web? We’ll see! This fun, traditional Spanish children’s song teaches children Spanish numbers from 1 to 10. With each new verse, children add another elephant to the spider’s web and see if it will hold. The song “LOS ELEFANTES,” performed by Jorge Anaya, is from the Whistlefritz […]


From the backyard to the barnyard, los animales are coming out to play! Children will love learning about el perro (the dog), el gato (the cat), el caballo (the horse) and other favorite animals while learning a new language with this award-winning Spanish immersion program from the acclaimed producers of Spanish for Kids videos and […]