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¿CÓMO ESTÁS? (How Are You?)

How are you? Great! Let’s play! Okay. Not well. Sleepy. Better. This playful Spanish children’s song — “¿CÓMO ESTÁS?” — teaches children different emotions and responses to the question “How are you?” in Spanish. Children can act out the different responses along with the song, then role-play their own responses afterwards. This light-hearted song, performed […]


Any parent of a toddler can empathize with this dilemma: a child is crying because he lost his apple, but can’t be soothed with another apple, because he wants the one that was his! While that description sounds like the set up for a raucous song about a toddler temper tantrum, this traditional Spanish song […]


My donkey is sick! In this beloved Spanish folksong, the doctor treats the donkey’s different ailments from head to toe until the donkey is finally healthy. The song teaches Spanish words for parts of the body as well as how to say that something hurts. This country music version of the song is a lively […]