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“BUENOS DÍAS AMIGUITOS” (Good Day, Little Friends)

Welcome kids to the classroom with BUENOS DÍAS, AMIGUITOS. This lively call-and-response Spanish children’s song that teaches the Spanish words for greetings and weather. Children learn the Spanish words for sunny, rainy, cold, and hot as they sing along. No matter what the weather, they are always ¡muy bien! The song, performed by Ileana Pérez, […]

Bilinguals with Alzheimer’s Disease

Bilinguals with Alzheimer’s disease can function better for 4-5 years longer than monolinguals. — Dr. Ellen Bialystok. This video is an excerpt of a longer discussion by Drs. Jaumont and Bialystok of a wide range of topics relating to bilingualism’s impact on the brain. The full interview can be found at

Maintaining Heritage Languages

“You should not give up the languages that define who you are.” Dr. Fabrice Jaumont, bilingual education advocate and author of The Bilingual Revolution, interviews pioneering bilingual researcher and neuroscientist, Dr. Ellen Bialystok, about the importance of maintaining heritage languages. This video is an excerpt of a longer discussion by Drs. Jaumont and Bialystok of […]


Even very young children can follow along to this Spanish children’s song as they learn Spanish words for parts of the face.   The video clip appears in Whistlefritz’s language immersion video Spanish for Kids: VAMOS A JUGAR.  The song, performed by Jorge Anaya, is from Whistlefritz’s CD ¡A BAILAR!   Song “OJOS OREJAS” from the Whistlefritz […]

Newest DVD in Award-Winning French for Kids Series On Va Jouer (Let’s Play) Makes Learning French Easy and Fun

Washington, DC (June 2, 2014) – Experts agree that the earlier a child is introduced to a second language, the greater the chance the child will learn to speak like a native speaker. But who says the learning process can’t be fun? It is now thanks to On Va Jouer (Let’s Play), the newest release […]

New Kid-Friendly Spanish CD ¡Sabor! Spanish Learning Songs Lets You Host the Ultimate Family Musical Fiesta

Washington, DC (June 3, 2014) – Get ready to shake your caderas and sing and learn español with ¡Sabor! Spanish Learning Songs, a fantastic new collection of Spanish language songs from Whistlefritz, producers of the award-winning Spanish immersion CDs Cha, Cha, Cha and ¡A Bailar! (Let’s Dance). This eagerly-awaited follow-up CD – arriving just in […]

Award Winning Producer of Spanish for Kids Launches French for Kids DVDs and CDs

Washington, DC (April 10, 2014) –”Parlez-vous français?” Now your child may answer “Oui” as Whistlefritz, the award-winning producer of the Spanish for Kids language immersion media, announces the launch of French for Kids, where kids are introduced to one of the world’s most spoken languages. Available May 13, 2014 the initial titles in the launch […]