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SE HABLA ESPAÑOL (People Speak Spanish)

People speak Spanish everywhere! This catchy reggae call-and-response song — SE HABLA ESPAÑOL — teaches the names of all “official” Spanish-speaking countries plus the country with the second-highest number of Spanish speakers in the world. (Can you guess which one it is?) The song, is from Whistlefritz’s CD ¡BUENOS DÍAS! and will be featured in […]

¿DE DÓNDE ERES? (Where Are You From?)

Where are you from? It’s impossible to sit still as this high-energy Spanish children’s song takes kids on a tour of Spanish-speaking countries from Argentina to Venezuela. The song — “¿DE DÓNDE ERES?” — teaches kids common Spanish names and the names of Spanish-speaking cities all to a pulsating soca beat. The song, performed by […]