Award-Winning Language Immersion Videos and Music for Toddlers and Preschoolers Make Learning a Second Language Nonstop Fun with New Boxed Set, Spanish For Kids: LA GRAN COLECCIÓN

Kids Dance, Sing, and Play While Learning Spanish
The Whistlefritz Way! 

Glen Echo, Maryland, August 13, 2019 – Dance, sing, play and join in the nonstop fun as Whistlefritz, the award-winning producer of Spanish and French language-learning programs for toddlers and preschoolers, releases a new boxed set of videos and music Spanish For Kids: LA GRAN COLECCIÓN.

The new collection blends delightful animation, engaging live-action segments and enchanting puppetry and, of course, features Fritzi, the mischievous animated Whistlefritz mouse that kids love. Bursting with colorful graphics, friendly characters, and festive Latin rhythms, LA GRAN COLECCIÓN arrives on August 15, just in time for National Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15-October 15.

With five full-length videos and four music-filled albums, LA GRAN COLECCIÓN offers a range of captivating content to help young kids learn Spanish vocabulary for everything from food to animals, parts of the body, numbers, colors, the four seasons and so much more. Kids will love the variety of musical styles, including salsa, merengue, corrido, cumbia, ranchera, rumba, calypso, soca, soukous, jazz and country. The original music features internationally- renowned artists, including Cuban-American vocalist Ileana Pérez, composer Didier Prossaird and award-winning singer and songwriter Jorge Anaya.

All Whistlefritz products are designed using the language immersion method most recommended by language acquisition experts. Through immersion, children learn a second language by hearing and speaking only that language without translation. Although no English is spoken on the Whistlefritz language-learning products, the programs are designed so that children can understand the action from context and visual clues.  In addition, the videos are available with Spanish and English subtitle options, as well as translation guides to support parents who are learning along with their kids.  Unlike many language programs, Whistlefritz programs include live native-speaking adults and kids, not just animation, so that children can watch and imitate the way real speakers articulate words.

“We inspire children to learn languages by combining the things they love most: great music, interaction with a diverse group of grown-ups and peers, fun skits, guessing games, and play!” commented Whistlefritz Founder and CEO Heidi Stock. “By learning language in context, using sentences rather than single words and showing meaningful interactions in context, we create a rich language learning environment that helps prepare kids for speaking Spanish in real life.”

A valuable teaching tool and welcome addition to any family’s home collection, Whistlefritz’s Spanish for Kids and French for Kids music, videos, and lesson plans have received over 100 national honors and accolades from the most-respected organizations in children’s media, including the Parents’ Choice Foundation, The National Parenting Center, NAPPA, KIDS FIRST!, The Dove Foundation, Mr. Dad, and many more.

Whistlefritz products are available on Amazon, iTunes and Suggested retail price for Spanish for Kids: LA GRAN COLECCIÓN is $120.

Product Information:

Title:Spanish For Kids: LA GRAN COLECCIÓN
Release date:August 2019
Run time:Approx. 300 minutes
Formats:DVDs/CDs and digital downloads

About Whistlefritz

Since its founding, Whistlefritz has worked with families and teachers across the globe to create entertaining and educational programs that inspire children’s love of languages!  Whistlefritz was borne out of a mom’s passion to raise her children bilingually.  Motivated by research showing that early childhood is the best time to learn a language, Whistlefritz’s founder set out on a mission to assemble high-quality learning resources for her kids.  Not finding what she wanted, she decided to create them:  engaging programs with whimsical storylines, colorful animation and graphics, delightful characters, live-action footage, and irresistible music for her own kids and kids everywhere!    

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