A Musical Celebration of French

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A Musical Celebration of French

The Newest Title in Award-Winning Series –
CARNAVAL – French Learning Songs
Available September 1, 2018

Washington, DC (September 1, 2018) – No matter the season, it’s always time to celebrate! Learning French has never been more fun — thanks to Whistlefritz’s French for Kids series of award-winning, language-learning programs and its latest music album release, Carnaval – French Learning Songs.

CARNAVAL’s musical celebration begins with a tour of the French-speaking world in On parle français (We Speak French) and Tu habites où? (Where Do You Live?) The party continues with upbeat celebration-themed songs – Halloween, Thanksgiving, La chandeleur, La galette des rois, and Mother’s Day – that teach children vocabulary for the family, holidays, food, camping, seasons, and much more! From calypso and reggae to New Orleans brass and Latin rhythms, the album’s diverse musical styles are a carnaval for the ears!

Since its founding, Whistlefritz has been devoted to working with schools and parents across the globe to do one thing: create entertaining and educational programs to inspire children’s love of languages! Whistlefritz was borne out of a mom’s passion to raise her children bilingually. Motivated by research showing that early childhood was the best time to learn a language, Whistlefritz’s founder set out on a mission to assemble high-quality teaching materials for her own children. Not finding what she wanted, she decided to create them: engaging programs with whimsical storylines, colorful animation and graphics, delightful characters, live action footage, and irresistible music for her own kids and kids everywhere!

A valuable teaching tool and welcome addition to any family’s home library, French for Kids and Spanish for Kids videos and CDs have received over 100 national honors and accolades from the most-respected organizations in children’s media, including the Parents’ Choice Foundation, The National Parenting Center, NAPPA, KIDS FIRST!, The Dove Foundation, Mr. Dad, and many more.

CARNAVAL – French Learning Songs is recommended for children of all ages and is available for $14.99. Other Whistlefritz titles available in the French for Kids and Spanish for Kids series include The French Collection, The Spanish Ultimate Collection, Dedans et Dehors (Inside and Out), On Va Jouer (Let’s Play), Cha Cha Cha, Allons Danser! (Let’s Dance!), and French and Spanish Lesson Plans for Kids. For more information about these titles or to order, visit www.whistlefritz.com.


CD Title:Carnaval — French Learning Songs
Category:Children; All ages
Release Date:September 1, 2018
R/T:Approximately 40 minutes