ADENTRO Y AFUERA (Video Trailer)

Fritzi’s in the house. But ¿dónde está Fritzi? Finding the mischievous mouse is just part of the fun in this lively Spanish immersion video that welcomes you to Fritzi’s house, where up or down, inside or out, there is lots to learn and plenty to do. An entertaining mix of live-action, animation, and festive Latin music teaches children the Spanish words for greetings, parts of the house, positional words, foods, daily activities, numbers, and more! This video clip appears in Whistlefritz’s language immersion video Spanish for Kids: ADENTRO Y AFUERA.

Song “EL BAILE DE LAS MANOS” from the Whistlefritz CD ¡A BAILAR!
Video clip from the Whistlefritz video ADENTRO Y AFUERA.

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