Here’s what the experts have been saying about the programs in Whistlefritz’s Spanish for Kids and French for Kids series:

“. . . exceptional production values, great sound and superb assortment of songs that featured many styles of music…”

The National Parenting Center (review of ¡A Bailar!)

“Catchy music, cute kids, and clever animation make this a great choice.”

American Library Association’s Booklist (review of Dedans et Dehors)

“ . . . ideal and unreservedly recommended”.

Midwest Book Review (review of Carnaval)

“The musicianship and the production values are excellent. It is refreshing to have a Spanish language CD for children that is fun for adults too!”

– School Library Journal (review of Cha, Cha, Cha) 

“It’s not often that we get reviews from testers that call a product “flawless” and “the gold standard” but this new release from multi-Seal-winning Whistlefritz garnered both reactions.”

– The National Parenting Center (review of Les Saisons)

“5 out of 5 stars.”

– Kids First! (review of Les Saisons)

“Highly recommended”

– Video Librarian (review of Dedans et Dehors)

“Once again, Whistlefritz uses its winning formula to introduce language-learning through song.”

– Parents’ Choice Foundation (review of Allons Danser!)

“. . . This educational product struck testers as being unlike anything else in its category, and as a result, it leaves “competitors” in the dust. The easy to use system not only introduces young children to the French language but continues to teach them how to actually speak the language. Everything is well thought out, well scripted and very well produced. Parents told us that they would use the same discs for years as their children perfected their knowledge and love of learning a new language. Several testers who had tried other language programs told us that the instructions and ease of use here are incomparable . . .”

– The National Parenting Center (review of The French Collection)

“[W]hile childhood is the best time to learn new languages, if you’re just starting out yourself, there’s plenty here for adults as well.”

– Mr. Dad (review of ¡Sabor! and On Va Jouer)

“[My son] loves his new CD so much that he couldn’t wait to go to school and tell his teacher all about it.”

– The Mommy Mix (review of Allons Danser!)

“My kids and I recently discovered “Whistlefritz.” I am in LOVE with this product! As a former elementary school teacher, this is one of the most all-inclusive and user-friendly language curriculums I have ever come across. It is engaging and fun and easy to use, even if you are not a native speaker. . .”

– Meghan Stalford, Home Education Magazine (review of the Spanish Educator’s Collection)

“… colorful and delightful…”

– The Dove Foundation (review of On Va Jouer)

“The Buenos Dias – Spanish Learning Songs CD is a wonderful way to introduce Spanish to young kids in a fun and entertaining way. The CD uses children’s songs that aren’t instantly recognizable to American audiences, and that’s a good thing! The songs introduce Spanish words and convey the lyrical sounds of Spanish speaking to become more familiar. With various tempos, melodies, rhythms, and vocals, both parents and children alike will not tire of listening to these fun songs. Parents, you too will find yourself singing along as both you and your child learn a new language through the upbeat, memorable music. The melodies are great fun to listen and dance to, and most importantly, using music to learn Spanish is easy through this album! The phrases are repeated throughout each song, and the lyrics and translations are given to you in the album booklet. Even parents who took many years of Spanish in high school told us that they thought this CD taught them more in the time they had been listening to it than all those years conjugating verbs in school. This album not only teaches the Spanish language through music, but it also gives listeners a sense of excitement about the language. Several testers delightedly told us that they now use many phrases from the songs around their homes.”

– The National Parenting Center, Holiday Report 2020

¡Buenos Días! Spanish Learning Songs is an eclectic and happy collection of children’s music that lifts the spirits from the moment you play the first song. It is great, not only for multicultural families, but also for those that love to explore different cultures, discover traditions from other countries and learn a second language.

I love how diverse this compilation of children’s songs is. You can enjoy different rhythms from different countries including Mexico, Perú and Colombia from South America and also flamenco from Spain. You can sing and dance along with the songs to the beats and sounds of salsa, merengue and Caribbean tunes from traditional children’s songs from Spanish speaking countries.

Families can enjoy ¡Buenos Días! Spanish Learning Songs musically and as a learning experience as well. The CD comes with a booklet with lyrics in Spanish and their English translations, so parents and kids can learn while they sing. The lyrics contain a great amount of basic vocabulary about animals, nature, food, music and human relationships.

The selections of songs, recording, arrangements and production is of the highest quality. The voice of Cuban-American Soprano singer Ileana Perez is beautiful and her Spanish enunciation is very clear. The musical production is impeccable and it is also an enriching experience while learning music.

The 15 tracks in ¡Buenos Días! Spanish Learning Songs are all enjoyable. I recommend ¡Buenos Días! Spanish Learning Songs for kids ages 2 to 10, as well as the whole family. I give it 5 out of 5 stars for its exceptional music quality and the fascinating learning experience. It’s available now, so look for it.

– Zoe Cannella, Media Critic, KIDS FIRST!