partner-logo09Review of Las Estaciones (The Seasons) Spanish Video and Cha, cha, cha, Spanish Music CD

Research shows that children who learn a second language exhibit more flexible thinking and creativity, have stronger listening skills, and score better on standardized tests. And what dad wouldn’t want that for his kids? The Whistlefritz programs (videos and CDs) use a playful combination of live-action, animation, music, skits and more to start exposing your children to Spanish. And the Whistlefritz folks know that parents are the best teachers, dads (and moms) are encouraged to participate as well. It’s a great way to have fun with the kids–and you’ll learn a little something too. Ages 3 years and up.

Mr. Dad

partner-logo05A colorful clever collection of Spanish songs for children performed by award-winning singer and songwriter Jorge Anaya, Whistlefritz’s latest release is a delightful mix of lively Latin rhythms that everyone will enjoy listening to and moving to the beat. Samba to Las Vocales (The Vowels), cha cha to Los Números (The Numbers), and polka to Que Llueva (Let it Rain). Cha, cha, cha makes learning Spanish exhilirating, educational, and fun! Celebrate the vibrant sounds of Spanish, at home and in the classroom! A collection of catchy, upbeat originals – plus well-known, popular favorites such as La Cucaracha, El Barco Chiquito, Los Elefantes, and Bingo. Cha, cha, cha is a fun, festive introduction to Spanish vocabulary. Dance, sing, and enjoy learning the letters of the alphabet, numbers, parts of the body, articles of clothing, and more. This is a dynamic, multi-sensory learning method, inspiring kids to get on their feet, clap, jump, and move while singing the days of the week. A translation guide is included, providing an easy reference for parents and teachers. A great way to expand vocabulary and become bilingual.

Dr. Toy

K-Gr 4–The Latin rhythms of this high-energy compilation of 14 traditional and original Spanish language songs will have listeners dancing and singing along. Jorge Anaya’s clear and pleasant voice makes it easy to understand the Spanish lyrics. English translations for each song are included in the pamphlet, but instead of paraphrasing the songs, each song is translated word-for-word, helping listeners learn specific Spanish vocabulary. The arrangement and performance of traditional songs such as “B-I-N-G-O,” “Los Elefantes,” and “La Cucuracha” encourage participation. Most impressive however, are the original songs covering a multitude of topics such as “Las Vocales (The Vowels),” “Los Meses (The Months),” and “Los Números (Numbers).” These songs do a superb job of introducing fundamental topics while incorporating movement. For example, “Los Dias de la Semana (Days of the Week)” encourages listeners to raise their arms on Monday, jump on one foot on Tuesday, etc. The musicianship and the production values are excellent. It is refreshing to have a Spanish language CD for children that is fun for adults too! A great tool for preschool Spanish/bilingual story times and a welcome addition to any library’s foreign language collection for young children.

Caitlyn Walsh, Fayetteville Public Library, AR
School Library Journal

Founded in 2006, the children’s Spanish language company Whistlefritz was started by a mom who wanted to teach her own children Spanish. Frustrated by the lack of high-quality Spanish immersion programs, she decided to create her own Spanish Videos and CDs for children. Cha, cha, cha is Whistlefritz’s second CD for kids (there are also three videos), and with it, families can learn to cantar (sing), bailar (dance), and aprender (learn) Spanish. The CD is a lively collection of Spanish songs performed by the award-winning singer and songwriter Jorge Anaya. Children explore educational concepts through a plethora of Latin rhythms, as in the Samba of “Las Vocales” (The Vowels), the cha cha of “Los Números” (The Numbers), and the polka of “Que Llueva” (Let it Rain). Cha, cha, cha is a load of fun, and along the way it makes learning Spanish exhilarating and alive. The CD features a collection of upbeat originals, as well as popular and traditional favorites such as “La Cucaracha,” “El Barco Chiquito,” “Los Elefantes,” and “Bingo.” Children can dance and sing as they learn vocabulary words, the alphabet, and numbers in Spanish. A handy translation guide is included, which provides an easy reference for parents and teachers who may be first-time Spanish learners, themselves.

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