The Deluxe Spanish Collection (with ¡BUENOS DÍAS! and LA MÚSICA)



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Give your child the gift of language with Whistlefritz’s entire award-winning series of 6 Spanish videos, 5 music CDs (or digital downloads), and memory matching cards!

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What’s Inside:

  • Spanish for Kids videos: Featuring lively Latin melodies, vibrant backgrounds, and a colorful cast of characters, Whistlefritz videos go beyond introducing single words—they immerse children in a vocabulary-rich, natural-language learning experience. The videos teach Spanish using the language immersion teaching method recommended by language acquisition experts. Children will hear, see, speak, and move to Spanish as they learn from live, native speakers—and a few animated friends, too!
  • Spanish for Kids music: From salsa to merengue to cumbia and more, this eclectic compilation is sure to get kids on their feet! Featuring a mix of catchy, upbeat Spanish songs, kids will have a blast singing and dancing as they learn about a wide range of topics.
  • Memory Matching Cards: A classic game with a playful Spanish twist, these cards are a perfect introduction to Spanish action words. Kids will want to play this confidence-building game again and again as they improve their concentration, memory, and Spanish language skills.

Translation guides and lyrics can be downloaded here.

Ages 1-7

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6 DVDs + 5 CDs + Matching Cards, Digital Download


Individual programs in the series have won the following awards:  partner-logo13partner-logo02partner-logo01 partner-logo04 partner-logo05 partner-logo06  partner-logo07 partner-logo08 partner-logo09partner-logo10partner-logo11Mom's Choice Gold Award Parents' Choice Foundation award-drtoy-bestpicks Dr. Toy's Best 10 Audio/Video/DVD Programs of 2014 partner-drtoy-2014-products-100bestAcademics' Choice Smart Media Awardpartner-drtoyav partner-logo14 partner-logo07 partner-logo03

The Deluxe Spanish Collection with ¡BUENOS DÍAS!

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