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Embark on a musical celebration with this lively collection of 15 French children’s songs from the award-winning series of Whistlefritz language programs for kids.  Your French-learning journey begins with a tour of the French-speaking world with On parle français (We Speak French) and Tu habites où?  (Where Do You Live?)  The party continues with irresistible celebration-themed songs – Halloween, Thanksgiving, La chandeleur, La galette des rois, and Mother’s Day – that teach children vocabulary for the family, food, camping, seasons, and much more!  The CD ends with the unforgettably beautiful French folksong À la claire fontaine.  The songs are performed by award-winning vocalist Rachel Sparrow and musician-composer Didier Prossaird.  From calypso and reggae to New Orleans brass and Latin rhythmsthe CD’s diverse musical styles are a carnaval for the ears with catchy melodies that kids will want to hear again and again. Lyrics, translations, and a vocabulary guide are available as an easy reference guide for parents and teachers.  Join the Carnaval and you’ll be singing along in French in no time!

Translation guide and lyrics can be downloaded here.

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Winner of a Mom’s Choice Awards GOLD Award. Winner of a NAPPA (National Parenting Products Awards) Award. Winner of The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval. Recommended by the Parent’s Choice Foundation. partner-logo06


"This Carnaval French Learning Songs CD is a great educational learning asset that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Testers were thrilled and enthusiastic about discovering this musical CD that is entertaining but also teaches children an appreciation of French. Whistlefritz has proven time and time again that when it comes to entertaining and teaching children, they have got you "covered." The music itself is upbeat with a whimsical, circusy vibe, mixed with a little bit of jazz. Even if your child can't appreciate the words right away, they can surely enjoy the beats and the rhythms. There are a lot of different instruments, and that provides parents with yet another learning opportunity as they identify each. Parents told us that it quickly became one of their children's favorite CDs to get up and dance to. There are so many songs crammed on to this one CD that parents felt it was an excellent value." The National Parenting Center


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