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Kids will love this musical introduction to French, as they dance and sing along to playful and diverse musical rhythms from reggae, merengue, and blues to African soukous, beguine, country, and more! AU ZOO (At the Zoo), the latest release in Whistlefritz’s award-winning French for Kids series, invites kids to sing and dance along to lively rhythms as they learn about animals, the alphabet, feelings, greetings, parts of the body, places in the community, and much more! The album features a fun, original jazzy twist on the familiar song The Itsy, Bitsy Spider (L’araignée gypsy), and irresistible, celebration-themed songs for back-to-school (Bonne rentrée), birthdays (Ton anniversaire), Valentine’s Day (La Saint Valentin), and Father’s Day (Bonne fête, Papa).  Delightful melodies teach vocabulary for every time of day from wake up (Debout mon petit chou) to bedtime (Fais dodo). Lyrics and translations are available for free download as an easy reference guide for parents and teachers. AU ZOO enhances children’s language skills as they embark on a musical journey to the zoo filled with French-learning fun!

Translation guide and lyrics can be downloaded here.

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About the Artist

Didier Prossaird’s irresistible music is
as unique as his background. The versatile
multi-instrumentalist bandleader, performer,
and composer was born and raised in France,
and has performed extensively in the United
States, Europe, and the Caribbean. He currently
resides in Saint Martin where he performs
with his Kameleon Beats Trio.

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Winner of a 2024 National Parenting Products BEST MUSIC Award!

Winner of a Mom's Choice Award GOLD Award honoring excellence in children's media.


Reviews by National Parenting Products Awards (NAPPA) Evaluators:

“The playful designs on the product’s website made me excited to jump into the musical journey of Au Zoo. The downloadable lyric and translation companion makes it easy to follow along and understand the French songs. I took French lessons from the age of 5, so I am excited to introduce the language to my girls.”

“The sound and quality of the recordings exceeded my expectations. The range of musical styles added a different, fun element to each track. The singer’s clear and easy-to-understand voice makes it easy for kids (and myself) to follow along with the French lyrics.”

“Listening to these songs has been an absolute blast! The catchy melodies have me and my daughters dancing around and laughing together. It’s been fun doing our French dance breaks in between activities. The songs cover relatable subjects like animals, daily routines, and celebrations, which keep us engaged. The simplicity of the lyrics and subject matter make learning French feel like a fun adventure.”

“I love the diverse musical styles and relatable subject matter of the songs. Each tune gives us a fun intro into French vocabulary and culture. The inclusion of the lyrics and translations was a game-changer, making it easy for me to identify words and ideas the girls already understand and connect the dots. My girls are enjoying the “funny language” dance breaks.”

“The quality is great and the songs are entertaining!”

“It is a very professional production of music. The songs themselves are so good!”

“The singers voice is pleasant to listen to. The occasional addition of children’s voices is a cute touch and great for a children’s album. I love the variety of genres in these songs. There is reggae, blues, country, and more. Many of the melodies are from classic children’s songs and nursery rhymes so even though the language is new to my kids, they are still engaged with the familiar sounds. Overall, an excellent selection of music.”

“We often have music playing in the background at our house so this is a nice addition to our playlist. The kids love dancing to these songs. I haven’t heard such a diverse array of music on a kid’s album. We like it a lot.”

“We love all the fun songs! They are great to dance–and hopefully eventually–sing to.”
Au Zoo

AU ZOO – At the Zoo

Translation guide and lyrics can be viewed here and downloaded here.