Spanish For Kids: La Música is yet another feather in the cap of multi-Seal-winning Whistlefritz. Their reputation for creating excellent, approachable products for young kids preceded them, and their new DVD did not disappoint. This DVD is an engaging adventure through the world of music. The story is creatively presented through fun cartoons, colorful pictures, human interaction, and songs, encouraging movement and dancing. With a fun and diverse cast, this DVD is a great next step for kids (and parents) hoping to become more conversational in Spanish. The DVD has a bright and colorful feeling that keeps kids engaged right from the very start. It weaves the education of language and music with the entertainment aspect beautifully. Parents were impressed with the diverse cast and the cute, catchy animations. With so much visual appeal, it really is engaging for all ages. The sparked imagination, unique characters, and colorful imagery proved to testers that education products like these do not have to be boring but great fun and re-watchable. Parents have told us that is the critical factor in determining their overall opinion of a video . . .do they want to watch it again? With La Música, the answer is a resounding Yes.

The National Parenting Center

Whistlefritz has done it again with their newest Spanish language DVD, La Mūsica. La Mūsica is an exciting journey through the world of music with easy to learn Spanish songs that make you want to get up and dance along! With a fun and diverse cast this DVD is a great next step for kids hoping to become more conversational in Spanish.

Maria (Sara Jerez) and her friends put on an outstanding show as they travel around the world on a Spanish adventure. With catchy songs, a fun cast, native speakers, and fun animated characters, this DVD will keep you watching until the end. All elements of La Mūsica come together to create a great musical experience along with teaching fundamental Spanish that can be used by teachers, parents and kids themselves. There are English subtitles for those that are just beginning to learn Spanish.

This DVD has a fun and colorful feeling that is sure to keep your children entertained. The colorful background and award-winning music all contribute to a great educational film. With just the right amount of education and amusement, it offers a perfect way to help teach your child conversational Spanish. I love La Mūsica because its light and exciting theme it is perfect for all ages, not just the younger children. My favorite part is when Maria dances a traditional Flamenco dance, because it is so interesting and fun to watch.

The message of La Mūsica is that education doesn’t need to be boring. This DVD shows that you can lighten it up with songs and dance! Even though it may be difficult to learn a new language, anybody can do it, even children!

I give La Mūsica 4 out of 5 stars and I recommend it for ages 5 to 10. You can buy this DVD online.

Reviewed by Kendall B., KIDS FIRST!