Skits, songs, and dance capture the attention of young children through a blend of live action and animation. Comical, appealing animal puppets are featured in amusing stories: a shy elephant is chased by a little mouse, a dog imitates farm animal sounds, and more. The pleasant music includes the folk songs “Los Pollitos” (The Chicks) and “Vengan a Ver Mi Granja” (Come and See My Farm). Viewers learn the names of animals in Spanish and the sounds they make through repetition as native speakers clearly talk in full sentences rather than just repeat a word or phrase. The quick changes from live action to animation and the use of puppets help maintain the attention of younger viewers. A translation guide is included that lists the Spanish words and their translations in the same order that they are introduced in the program. Kids will have fun singing and dancing along as they learn Spanish vocabulary.

School Library Journal, December 2007

image descriptionDesigned to teach the names of animals in Spanish, this enjoyable DVD combines real-life pictures and sounds, cartoons and puppets to explain the terms being taught. Examples of the animals are shown as the Spanish words are spoken. The animals are also reviewed as each new animal is taught. An added bonus is that the DVD comes with a translation sheet to assist in reviewing the terms.

Parents’ Choice Foundation

image descriptionVery enjoyable and engaging to watch. Makes learning a language fun and easy. The playful associations of words, repetition in different scenarios, from animation to live action is natural and moves along with style and ease. Music, play and fun puppets add to the mix in an imaginative way that will capture children and adults alike. The flow of the language coupled with the visuals is very impressive and engaging – without any English translation at all.

KIDS FIRST! / Coalition for Quality Children’s Media

image descriptionThis very interactive DVD uses the immersion method of learning which makes it downright easy for kids to pick up the Spanish language. Lots of songs sung in Spanish, play and puppet fun make for a culturally broadening experience.


Review of Spanish for Beginners: Los Animales (Animals) and Spanish for Beginners: Vamos a Jugar (Let’s Play)When you get to know Maria, your Whistlefritz host, as my children and I have done, you will be hooked! Learning Spanish with someone as engaging as Maria will inspire even the youngest at heart! A better host for a children’s DVD would be hard to find.Whistlefritz DVDs don’t bore you with tons of vocabulary and exhausting lessons. The learning comes automatically as you experience the world of Spanish language with your lively and beautiful host Maria. Set against the backdrop of colorful rooms and landscapes, Spanish language learning is captivating and engaging. Youthful friends and puppets join Maria to help explain the different subject sequences and are having at least as much fun as she is, if not a whole lot more.I was amazed as my children sat spellbound watching every moment of the Whistlefritz DVDs and then asked to see them both again – especially my two and a half year old daughter. When Maria puts a pair of toddler’s pants on her head to help explain the Spanish word for head, I knew these DVDs were a winner. The uncontrolled laughter of my children emanating from the sofa said it all!Whistlefritz offers two fabulous Spanish for Beginners DVDs: “Let’s Play – Vamos a Jugar” and “Los Animales – Animals.” The DVDs are aimed at ages 2-5 and are sure to captivate children within that age group. A Translation Guide is included inside the DVD covers so that you can learn along with your children. As stated in the Translation Guide: “No prior language knowledge is required. Whistlefritz programs are designed for beginners. You can help your child learn by watching the programs together and practicing words whenever possible.” And boy will you have fun!

Multilingual Living Magazine

Los Animales is a fantastic DVD for children who are English speakers and wish to learn Spanish and also for children who are native Spanish speakers. The characters of the Spanish DVD repeat vocabulary words in context and add new words to the phrases in a playful way. By means of songs and short conversations between the puppets and the lovely host, this DVD is a fun way to get immersion in the Spanish language. The parent’s translation guide is an excellent tool. I have recommended this DVD to the parents and teachers of Bethesda International School, as well to other early childhood Spanish Immersion programs in Montgomery County, MD.

Viviana Cruz
Principal, Bethesda International School
Curriculum Writer for Montgomery County Public Schools
Montgomery County, MD

Los Animales es un DVD dedicado a niños hablantes de español en edad preescolar y primaria, que disfruten del uso de la computadora y también para aquellos que deseen aprender el idioma. Los personajes de Los animales repiten palabras de vocabulario en contexto y van ampliando las frases con nuevos vocablos de manera divertida a través de canciones y de las conversaciones entre la conductora del programa y los títeres que la acompañan. Este DVD propone una manera nueva y atrayente de aprender el español. Por otra parte está acompañado de una guía bilingüe que resulta muy útil para padres y maestros. Como directora del Colegio Internacional de Bethesda y profesora del Condado de Montgomery (MD) he recomendado este DVD a las familias de niños de 3 a 7 años.

Viviana Cruz
Directora del CIB
Redactora de los programas de estudios
de las escuelas públicas del Condado de Montgomery, Maryland
Montgomery County, MD

Review of Spanish for Beginners: Los Animales (Animals) and Spanish for Beginners: Vamos a Jugar (Let’s Play)

Los Animales and Vamos a Jugar are by far the best Spanish immersion DVDs I’ve seen! My grandson loves them so much that he wants to see them every day! Every student who wants to learn Spanish should have these DVDs, and Spanish-speaking children can also benefit from watching them. I highly recommend them!

A. Duran
Spanish Language Teacher
Montgomery County, MD

I am so excited to review one of my favorite Spanish language products for kids! I highly recommend their products! They are wonderful! I normally don’t go on and on about products, but I really must when talking about these DVD’s and CD.

Whistlefritz has 3 DVD’s and 1 CD out that are completely in Spanish. It’s complete immersion, but even children who have not been exposed to any Spanish can understand it! I love how they have plenty of repetition, sing songs that gets the kids dancing and show silly skits that get the kids giggling.

My kids love the DVD’s! They remember what they watched and even try to re-enact what happens in the pictures. In Vamos a Jugar, they cover parts of the body and clothing. There is a cute scene where Maria tries to put something on her head. After putting on a sock, a skirt, and pants, she finally realizes she needs a sombrero. Without fail, my girls giggle when they see this part. I caught my daughter repeating what Maria did while she was getting dressed the other day. I love how it gets them talking!

Los Animales DVD covers much more than animals. They learn how to say “Que dice el perro?” and other phrases. They count dogs, see dogs chasing cats and much more! They also integrate in traditional songs like Los Pollitos and Vegan a Ver Mi Granja. I love the burro skit when the donkey is kicking things and Maria doesn’t know what is happenning. The kids love it and it catches their attention.

I had already purchased the first DVD’s and Whistlefritz sent me the newest DVD to review: Adentro y Afuera. It covers rooms in the house and where something is while trying to find a cute little mouse. It covers yummy food and even getting ready for the day. My favorite part is a skit where Maria counts cookies, but then some are missing as the kids take them away. They count multiple times- what a great way to practice counting!

I also received the wonderful A Bailar CD by Jorge Anaya. Someone asked what music I liked to use with my children and in my immersion classes the most. We use this CD probably the most. They are wonderful and are lively enough to dance to. The clear, easy-to-understand singing reminds me of Jose-Luis Orozco, except the accompaniment is more lively and fun! I love El Baile de Las Manos with its simple wording. All the kids in my class love this song!

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