The Deluxe French Collection


Conjunto formado por:

  • 4 vídeos
  • 3 álbums musicales
  • Juego de pares

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Regala a tus hijos la llave del multilingüismo con la galardonada serie compuesta por 4 vídeos, 3 CDs y el juego de pares. Desde los números y las letras hasta las estaciones del año y las fiestas de cumpleaños, los vídeos de francés para niños ofrecen una divertida combinación de encantadores personajes y dibujos animados. Los vídeos se basan en el método de inversión recomendado por los expertos en adquisición del lenguaje. Con la música de esta serie, la diversión continúa con una mezcla de canciones y ritmos a la que los niños no se podrán resistir. Ya sea dentro o fuera de casa, el juego de pares da una divertida vuelta al clásico juego de memoria. Llena de diversión, risas y música, la Deluxe French Collection es la herramienta ideal para introducir el francés. Incluye subtítulos en inglés y francés.

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Edad:  1-7

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Diversos programas de The Deluxe French Collection han ganado más de 50 galardones, incluido el Parent’s Choice GOLD Award, Parents’ Choice Silver Award, Mom’s Choice Gold Award, Top Ten Educational Products of 2018 (Dr. Toy), KIDS FIRST! Seal of Approval, Learning Magazine’s 2015 Teacher’s Choice Award for the Family, Tillywig Toy Awards “Parents’ Favorite Product Award,” Academics’ Choice “Smart Media” Award, Tillywig The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval, Dr. Toy’s Best Awards y el Dove Foundation’s Seal of Approval. 

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"Whistlefritz hits the mark again with their newest release, The French Collection. This educational product struck testers as being unlike anything else in its category, and as a result, it leaves "competitors" in the dust. The easy to use system not only introduces young children to the French language but continues to teach them how to actually speak the language. Everything is well thought out, well scripted and very well produced. Parents told us that they would use the same discs for years as their children perfected their knowledge and love of learning a new language. Several testers who had tried other language programs told us that the instructions and ease of use here are incomparable. It's not all seriousness and education, there is a lot of fun and lightheartedness throughout the set. Your child will not only be encouraged to learn the French language, but they will be entertained with song and dance as well. Following the characters, Fritzi and Marie will also be fun for your child and help them feel connected to the videos. With 6 discs and the years of use you can expect to get out of The French Collection, testers said that they would actually pay more for a teaching tool of this quality, noting that an adult system of this level could easily cost hundreds of dollars. For parents who are interested in introducing a foreign language to their children, this is the perfect place to start."
The National Parenting Center

“Whether it’s seeing friends at the playground, hunting for the mischievous Fritzi, or laughing with Marie, children will love learning French this way! Whistlefritz should be applauded and earns the Dove All-Ages Seal.”
Dove Foundation

"The French Collection is a wonderful introduction to French culture and language, providing lively music, animation and fun games."
NAPPA (National Parenting Products Award)

"The French Collection/La collection francaise" is an entertaining and effective language learning tool that proves a thoroughly 'kid friendly', practical, engaging, and fun introduction to the French language ..."
Midwest Book Review

"Catchy music, cute kids, and clever animation make this a great choice."
American Library Association's Booklist, review of Dedans et Dehors

The Deluxe Collection

The Deluxe French Collection

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