On va chanter! (Let’s sing!) On va danser! (Let’s dance!) On va jouer! (Let’s play!) This interactive French immersion program is non-stop language-learning fun from Whistlefritz, producers of the award-winning French for Kids and Spanish for Kids series. With the help of Fritzi the mouse and a playful group of peers, Marie introduces vocabulary related to different parts of the body. And what better way to get those body parts moving than with delightful sing-along, dance-along songs, including “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and familiar French folksongs with exciting new twists. From le chapeau (the hat) to la chaussure (the shoe), kids will love trying on their new French vocabulary for clothes in playful, interactive skits. “On Va Jouer” entertainingly combines colorful illustrated backgrounds, live action, and 2-D and 3-D animation. Friendly characters and abundant humor make learning a new language as much fun as play time. Vous êtes prêts? (Are you ready?) On va jouer! This DVD includes an easy-to-use translation guide for parents and teachers who are first time learners of French, as well as French subtitles. Designed for children ages 1-7, “On Va Jouer” is fun for the whole family!

Dove Worldview:
Whistlefritz is a charming little mouse that will teach French to your young children ages two to seven. This educational DVD is colorful and delightful while teaching children parts of the body, animals, numbers, clothing and more. There are no translated subtitles to follow, just a wonderful and entertaining show that the children will love as they watch and learn. Children learn by hearing those around them speak, making this DVD an entertaining way to add a second language for your young children.

Dove awards our “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages to “French for Kids: On Va Jouer – Lets Play.

Content Description:
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None

The Dove Foundation

Whistlefritz has created some really fun ways to introduce your kids to Spanish or French, or to supplement the language education they might be getting at school. Created by a mom to help her own kids learn Spanish, Whistlefritz is available in both CD and DVD formats. What’s important is that you do not have to speak anything other than your native tongue to give your child the well-documented benefits of learning a second language, which include larger vocabularies, better problem-solving skills, greater cultural sensitivity, sharper memory, more self-control, and more efficient ability to communicate (along with a whole lot more people to be able to communicate with). The list goes on and on. The two programs we evaluated, ¡Sabor!, (Spanish Learning Songs CD) and On Va Jouer (French learning DVD), are engaging and age appropriate. However, while childhood is the best time to learn new languages, if you’re just starting out yourself, there’s plenty here for adults as well.

Mr. Dad

“As a FSL (French Second Language) teacher and extreme francophile, I love products that will help little ones learn French. Of course, my Cub already speaks French, since we live in Montréal and his Papa and extended family (not to mention his Day Care Mama) all speak to him en français. However, we received our DVD at the moment parfait… during our extended visit at my parents’ place in British Columbia. (Where Cub is still, after almost 4 weeks, replying “chien” every time my parents say “dog” to him!)

Cub adores this DVD, and I make that generous assessment based on these facts:

As soon as he spots the case, he asks to watch it;

He laughs when he watches it;

He wants me to rewind (is that still the right verb?) the songs to watch them again;

He follows along with all of the gestures and movements (which is a first… he doesn’t even move along with Bo on the Go!)

I adore this DVD because:

It teaches French through immersion: there’s no translation, just French. To help viewers (children and adults alike) understand what’s going on, the gestures and images are exaggerated and repetitive;The children in the DVD aren’t Disney-fied child stars with freakish grins and syrupy, sing-song voices… they’re ordinary kids, feeling a bit goofy in front of the camera and just being kids (I think this really appeals to Cub, too);

The songs are the same as on our Allons Danser CD, which is great for reinforcement.

On a pedagogical level, I think this DVD is right on target for kids with no French experience as well as younger kids who do speak French.”

Maman Loup’s Den

“I was recently given the opportunity to review a brand new French immersion DVD for kids  “On Va Jouer – Let’s Play.”

I was very happy about this because my daughter absolutely adored the music CD that Whistlefritz sent to us not long ago.

I do not speak French myself, although I do know a few words. I should correct myself- I used to know a few less words.. now I know more!

First of all, when we received the DVD I told my daughter that it was a French movie. She was jumping around excitedly to open it. She really has enjoyed the music from the CD, asking for it often, and now it is more so with the DVD.

We have had On Va Jouer for a few weeks, and my daughter asks for Whistle Fritz or French French by name and we watch it… often 2 or 3 times in a row.

(The price of the DVD is worth it alone just to hear a toddler say Whistle Fritz.)

She dances during the musical segments.

I cannot think of anything funnier than a toddler dancing like Axl Rose while listening to a French rendition of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

She laughs like a crazy toddler during a section on sneezing.

If she knew how to rewind the DVD herself, she would probably watch that section over and over again.

It occurs to me today, as she is watching it, that she loves watching the kids most of all. They dance, sing and they repeat words and interact with “Marie” the star of the show.

She came up to me after Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and told me what the parts were (In English) but I can tell she knows there is something going on in the DVD.

I think the age is exactly perfect to introduce the concepts of language.

She understands what she is watching.

I can see it. She has not spoken any French yet, but we are really working on saying words and repeating in English, so I am sure some French repetition is just around the corner.

( AND- as I typed that- she just said bouche.. )

Immersion is a great way to pick up any language, and these DVDs and CDs are great ways to introduce French to a child… or even her mom;)


“Whistlefritz French for Kids On Va Jouer (Let’s Play) mixes music, bright CGI animation, puppets, and live-action elements for a whimsical language lesson aimed at kids two to seven. The 40-minute educational DVD features animated mouse Fritzi and human friend Marie and together they lead a lesson based on the total-immersion approach to foreign language, meaning there’s no English translation at all for the material. There’s a subtitled option but it too is in French.

Using music, animated backgrounds, live-action children, and text on screen, children are introduced to vocabulary for clothes, animals, parts of the body, numbers, and more. Although the host’s body language and use of props helps little viewers comprehend vocabulary, it will take many repeated viewings before a child has the words trilling off her tongue. Jacket copy advises parents and teachers to watch the program with their children to reinforce lessons. But repeated viewings won’t seem like a chore for children thanks to the bright backgrounds, lively music, adorable animated characters, and the overall sweet, breezy tone of the show. Marie radiates enthusiasm and a cast of young children provide energy to keep little viewers engaged.

Bonus features include an option to play the songs only; and a short segment (in English) that explains the concept of total language immersion methods. This method may not be everyone’s preferred way to teach a foreign language but for parents who favor the total immersion method, Whistlefritz French for Kids On Va Jouer (Let’s Play) is an entertaining and educational tool. The DVD package also includes a printed parent and teacher guide with vocabulary translations and song lyrics; and the Whistlefritz website includes a free, downloadable translation guide for parents who prefer additional resources.”

Parents’ Choice Foundation

“It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Whistlefritz CD’s and DVD’s.  These are FUN ways for kids to learn a new language!  Whistlefritz CD’s and DVD’s have received so many awards, from Parents’ Choice, Mom’s Choice, Mr. Dad, The Dove Foundation, NAPPA and KIDS FIRST! The folks at Booklist has praised them as “perfect for both school and home settings.”  Alice, Emma, Eli and myself AGREE!! 8 thumbs UP from my crew. The newest release is On Va Jouer (Let’s Play) is equally as fun and entertaining to watch!  The On Va Jouer DVD’s combines live action, animation, interactive skits and music.

On Va Jouer!  Let’s PLAY!!  Is being released just in time for Bastille Day, which is  July 14.

Marie and Fritzi, the mischievous mouse are so cute!! The kids are mesmerized through the entire DVD! Not only fun, but this DVD also introduce kids to essential French vocabulary. I put this On Va Jouer on the car DVD. For 35 minutes the kids sat there entranced!!

On Va Jouer, is fun with great music. Once again with catchy songs that make me want to sing along. Now mind you, I don’t know French, it doesn’t stop me from belting out the tunes. On Va Jouer is an interactive video that gets kids up and moving!! Unless of course you have them strapped in a carseat. By the 2nd time through the kids were repeating words. Whistlefritz makes learning French FUN!!!”

Peanut Butter and Whine

“When I married my American husband I quietly put to rest my childhood dream that my children would be bilingual in French, as I had been. I loved him more than that dream. While my children will not be bilingual in French as I had hoped, they are not without opportunity for language acquisition, and thanks to Whistlefritz they’ve got a little bit of French exposure.

Our family received On Va Jouer (Let’s Play) on DVD for review.  It’s a forty-minute DVD completely in French with French subtitles. This means this program teaches by immersion instead of translation. Immersion is a superior method to learn another language because it’s the way our brains are already programmed to learn language — it’s the way we all learned our first language.

I sat in front of the tv with pen and paper, taking notes of my pedagogical observations while watching On Va Jouer with the boys. I noticed a lot of repetition of the important words and phrases. I was pleased because this scaffolds the child’s learning to give them familiarity and confidence. Using examples and non-examples with images, pantomime, and song, children can follow along with the text. And they do. Before long I noticed that my kids were able to respond to some of the questions posed in the video or by me. They were beginning to understand! I was so proud.

The actors in the film speak clearly and keep it light with plenty of giggling. They introduced body parts, clothing, animals, colours, and supporting items, while seamlessly incorporating counting to the mix. That’s a lot of content in 40 minutes! But don’t worry if 40 minutes seems too much intensive learning for your little one. While a smooth go from start to finish I noticed that the concepts are easily broken up by chapters on the DVD, so you could pause and pick up the next concept on a following day.

Having French subtitles to the French spoken word was really effective. It triggers visual as well as auditory learning. Whistlefritz probably does that with their Spanish videos as well but I think it’s especially helpful with the French programming because French conjugates endings that are not spoken but used for grammatical purposes. Being able to learn the word while seeing it will help with that.”

Cherry Blossoms {The Blog}