“This wonderful CD impressed our testers with its exceptional production values, great sound and superb assortment of songs that featured many styles of music. Kids found it fun to listen to and parents loved that both the lyrics and their translations were included. Whether you want to teach your children the alphabet or entire songs you can do it with this CD. By employing performers who sing clearly and giving them lyrics that stress repetition, learning seemed to come much easier for children.”

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I LOVED this CD and so did my children! It was very nostalgic for me. I am a Puerto Rican and most of these songs I remember singing as a child with my cousins when I’d visit them in the summer and I also learned a few with my students as a bilingual teacher.

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As a parent, I appreciated the upbeat and lively nature of the music. It was such that our two daughters quickly took to dancing with the music. Several of the melodies were common children’s songs, which allowed our children to begin to associate the lyrics that they knew with the lyrics that were being sung.

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We all loved the music and the beat. It was very clear and easy to listen to.

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I am so excited to review one of my favorite Spanish language products for kids! I highly recommend their products! They are wonderful! I normally don’t go on and on about products, but I really must when talking about these DVD’s and CD.

Whistlefritz has 3 DVD’s and 1 CD out that are completely in Spanish. It’s complete immersion, but even children who have not been exposed to any Spanish can understand it! I love how they have plenty of repetition, sing songs that gets the kids dancing and show silly skits that get the kids giggling.

My kids love the DVD’s! They remember what they watched and even try to re-enact what happens in the pictures. In Vamos a Jugar, they cover parts of the body and clothing. There is a cute scene where Maria tries to put something on her head. After putting on a sock, a skirt, and pants, she finally realizes she needs a sombrero. Without fail, my girls giggle when they see this part. I caught my daughter repeating what Maria did while she was getting dressed the other day. I love how it gets them talking!

Los Animales DVD covers much more than animals. They learn how to say “Que dice el perro?” and other phrases. They count dogs, see dogs chasing cats and much more! They also integrate in traditional songs like Los Pollitos and Vegan a Ver Mi Granja. I love the burro skit when the donkey is kicking things and Maria doesn’t know what is happenning. The kids love it and it catches their attention.

I had already purchased the first DVD’s and Whistlefritz sent me the newest DVD to review: Adentro y Afuera. It covers rooms in the house and where something is while trying to find a cute little mouse. It covers yummy food and even getting ready for the day. My favorite part is a skit where Maria counts cookies, but then some are missing as the kids take them away. They count multiple times- what a great way to practice counting!

I also received the wonderful A Bailar CD by Jorge Anaya. Someone asked what music I liked to use with my children and in my immersion classes the most. We use this CD probably the most. They are wonderful and are lively enough to dance to. The clear, easy-to-understand singing reminds me of Jose-Luis Orozco, except the accompaniment is more lively and fun! I love El Baile de Las Manos with its simple wording. All the kids in my class love this song!

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I was pleasantly surprised by award-winning Whistlefritz’ Spanish for Beginners DVD + CD series because I expected my 3-year-old daughter, whose first language is Spanish, to be a bit bored with it. I was wrong.

Vanessa actually loved Adentro y Afuera’s DVD’s main character, Fritzi, a cute little mouse used throughout the program to teach children Spanish vocabulary. She also loved the songs and actually got up and danced to “El Baile de las Manos.” The rhythm was contagious, I must admit, and the lyrics simple.

One of the things I enjoyed about the DVD’s production is the variety of methods used to teach basic Spanish. The DVD includes animation, entertaining music and fun puppets, among other things, making the process of learning actually fun. I caught Vanessa giggling several times when the puppets came on. I also caught her responding to the questions asked by Maria, the program’s hostess.

The latest CD of this series, ¡A Bailar!, was also a hit with my daughter because she immediately recognized a bunch of the more popular songs and quickly started singing them. Whistlefritz is a company founded in 2006 by a mom who wanted to teach her children Spanish, but couldn’t find high-quality immersion programs. So she decided to create her very own CDs and DVDs. Two things I really liked: both CDs and DVDs are completely in Spanish (immersion is the idea here) and you really don’t have to speak Spanish yourself to use them with your kids.