Learning a new language is almost critical, especially during the beginning of one’s life. I didn’t learn my second language until I was in high school, and I believe I would have picked up on it had I learned it in Kindergarten instead. I’m currently putting together my own curriculum for my daughter’s preschool year, and I plan on incorporating the Whistlefritz French for Kids series. Bella is 4 years old, so she’s like a sponge soaking all of the information I teach her in. Now is the best time for her to learn a second language (third if you count sign language).

We were sent a DVD and a CD from Whistlefritz’ French for Kids series. I was blown away at how well done the DVD was, as it is shot in HD. This is by far the best educational tool for teaching young children a new language. The DVD titled Dedans et Dehors (Inside and Out) is recommended for ages 2-7. The language immersion DVD puts together both live-action and adorable animation characters. Most language immersion DVDs bore my daughter. Instead of talking AT my daughter, it’s like they are talking WITH her. She is surprising me tremendously with how much French she takes in from the DVD.

Not many language immersion tools capture my daughter’s attention long enough to where she sits throughout the entire thing. The Dedans et Dehors DVD takes kids throughout Fritzi’s house and teaches them new French words along the way. It has energetic, fun songs that had my daughter swaying and jumping in her seat!”

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“Alice is a SPONGE!!! Even when I don’t think she is listening or learning she really is! This time really caught me by surprise. Alice and I are in the car a LOT, thankfully I have a video player in my car (Thank you DH!!) For the last two weeks we have been watching Whistlefritz French for Kids. Alice sits in the backseat mesmerized by this video. Alice repeats words, laughs and dances in her car-seat with the songs! But, the moment I knew that French was sinking in was last weeks trip to Mimi’s Café, the waitress greeted 2 year old Alice and I with a happy “bonjour” to which Alice replied BONJOUR!! I did a double take!! Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? Then yesterday at the grocery store Alice pointed to the bananas and said banane. Then the lemons and said citrons WHAT?!?! Sure enough I checked the video and banane is French for BANANA!! Alice almost had the lemon it’s actually des citrons, but HEY! She’s TWO!! I’m AMAZED!!!

I’m thrilled and thoroughly impressed with Whistlefritz French for Kids! Alice requests her “Fritzi” video all of the time!! This is a full immersion French lesson. The entire video is spoken in French. The video follows a fun little mouse called Fritzi all around the house, exploring every room and items in each room! Kids are learning numbers, foods, daily activities too! Even more, Nous allons chanter et danser! (We’re going to sing and dance!) This video has everything! It’s FUN!! I find myself trying to sing along with the songs on the video. Ummmm, I don’t know any French at ALL!! So, my singing is very…… creative!! But the music on this video is that catchy, you want to sing along!!

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“Prior to being a dad I taught ESL for two years. I’m a big proponent for children learning a second language ASAP. I also know that the best way to learn is total immersion. The problem with children learning a second language is that they start too late and it isn’t total immersion in some educational instances. Whistlefritz is a learning language program for children. Their Spanish program has been out for a while and we got the change to review some of their newly released French programs.

For now their French for Kids releases include a video, Dedans et Dehors (Inside and Out) and an audio CD, Allons Danser!, (Let’s Dance). These are total immersion programs, no English in the educational content at all – and that is why it’s so great at teaching kids a second language.

Our oldest is 4 years old and I speak all of the Spanish I know in front of him. “I don’t want to play I Spy in Spanish – in English!” is a frequent rallying cry from the back seat. It’s far from total immersion, but it’s a start that will help build his Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation as he continues to hear more.

Now I can do the same in French. Before receiving the Whistlefritz releases I spoke more French than Spanish and knew some Japanese too. Because I’m exposed to more Spanish that was easiest for me. However, since listening to Allons Danser by Whistlefritz my French is back and I’m able to sing along with the songs.

But I don’t speak any bit of a second language you say to yourself.

In the liner notes of the CD are basic vocabulary in French and English. Within a couple listens you’ll be able to break down the words in the songs, anticipate them in the songs and then be able to use them around the house. Really.

The French for Kids Video: Dedans et Dehors is just as effective in teaching. There are no English subtitles when they’re teaching vocabulary. If the host is teaching you ‘pomme’ then they’ll show you an apple and say “pomme“, “une pomme“. The host will then ask you, “tu’ame une pomme?” The children on the video say “Oui! J’aime des pommes!” My spoken French is passable, my written French needs work, but you get the idea.

From an educational point of view both French for Kids: Dedans et Dehors and Allons Danser are exceptional. Adult music purists will point out that the music inAllons Danser is kind of sing songy and features very similar song structure. However, it’s important to remember that this is intended for children. More importantly, they, the children, enjoy listening to it. Our oldest even brought his xylophone into the car so that he can play along with the song.”

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“The folks at Whistlefritz have been busy! They have an excellent selection of DVDs, CDs, lessons and flashcards to help your kids learn Spanish in a fun way. Now they also have a program to teach kids French. The first DVD in the new French for Kids series is Dedans et Dehors which means “Inside and Out.” Kids get to explore Fritzi’s house while learning the French words for the things they see and do around the different rooms of the home. This is immersion learning at it’s best. The visuals and the practical nature of the words are the perfect way to learn the basics while having fun.

Studies have shown that it can be easier to learn another language when children are young. The DVD is great for homeschoolers and anyone who wants to learn.

The DVD is recommended for kids ages 2 to 7. They’ll understand that they are learning a different language, but it doesn’t feel like work since the whole thing is so entertaining. The DVD is definitely kid-style, but I can guarantee that adults watching along with the kids will also learn right along with them!”

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Bonjour les enfants! Award Winning Producer of Spanish for Kids Launches French for Kids DVDs and CDs, A language course perfect for Homeschoolers!

We all had a ball listening to the songs. All the French in the songs are clear and concise so that little ones can hear the words easily for easy repetition. Because I had given my kids French lessons, we were all able to sing along with the included booklet. In the booklet you’ll find the French lyrics and translations. It includes 20 different fun and bouncy French songs. Our favorite was “Le Vieux MacDonald” (Old MacDonald) since we could relate to that one easily. Check out all the songs by downloading the PDF version of Allons Danser! translation guide (pdf).

As the music CD, Allons Danser (Let’s Dance) was a delight for the ears, Whistlefritz’s Dedans et Dehors (Inside and Out) is pure pleasure to all the senses. Seeing the fun animation along with the wonderful French hostess, the super cute kids, and the huggable puppets, just made a hit with us. The lovely French hostess speaks slowly and very clearly. It is nothing like my French teachers in high school and again in college. I was able to totally hear each and every word that she spoke. Not only that, even though we didn’t know all the words that she was saying in French, but the meanings are obvious and clear. The cool songs made me want to get up and dance right along with the little ones.

I started homeschooling my children in 1989. I was never quite successful in teaching my children a second language. I actually tried teaching my kids French since I took two years of French in high school and then again in a university. It’s hard to learn a language when you’re not immersed in it, and finding someone fluent in French to converse with is hard here in Southern California. The DVD and the CD would have been so helpful for me back then. Now my daughter has a daughter of her own that she will homeschool. She is already fascinated with these and can hardly wait to start teaching her little one French.”


According to our testers, if you ever wanted your children to learn French this is the DVD you must start with. In fact, many testers told us that it worked well for them, too, as a starting point. The action centers around a mouse names Fritzi who welcomes you into his house and takes you on a journey through all the rooms. As you explore the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room children are learning basic greetings, food, numbers, daily activities, and more. Songs are part of the experience as well and they go a long way towards reinforcing the lessons. The backgrounds and animations are bright, colorful, and attention grabbing. The DVD runs 35 minutes—parents thought this was the perfect length for holding their childrens’ attention.

The National Parenting Center, Spring Report 2014

You may remember not too long ago we had the chance to review the French Learning Songs CD from Whistlefritz. We have been loving it and added it into our regular homeschool curriculum! We were really excited to find a French Educational Resource that is perfect for our kids’ age ranges (they are 3, 5, and 7)! When we learned that they had also released a French DVD we jumped at the opportunity to check it out!

“Dedans et Dehors” (Inside and Out) is an adorable DVD that brings some of the songs we have already been singing to life! The kids were SO excited to actually visualize the songs we have been singing, and all three of them were up dancing and singing along every time one of the songs from the CD came on! Of course, the DVD is much more than just the songs from the CD. It’s all about Fritzi! Ou est Fritzi? (Where is Fritzi?) It’s a fun adventure trying to find Fritzi!

While looking for Fritzi we are taken all over the house, and because Whistlefritz uses “immersion” everything was in French – including subtitles. Although I mentioned it in my previous review, I think it’s such an important point, I want to stress it again: Whistlefritz uses the latest research on teaching children languages. They have won various awards. Their methods are effective and fun! They share tips for ensuring second language learning success for kids. It was definitely interesting to see this in the DVD!

“Dedans et Dehors” kept all three of our children so engaged during the entire DVD which is approximately 35 minutes. I was surprised they were already repeating some of the words within the first few minutes! I definitely saw the importance of the repetition! “Dedans et Dehors” encourages them to repeat the words and answer questions with simple answers like oui or non (yes or no), so it really gets them involved and not just watching it passively like a movie. Plus, of course, the songs got them up and moving and singing along, which definitely got them involved, too!

What I love most about “Dedans et Dehors” is that it has made a great addition to our homeschool curriculum. It is educational, but at the same time the kids are laughing and having a good time together, so it’s so nice knowing they are learning and having fun at the same time!

“Dedans et Dehors” has an easy-to-use translation guide available if you aren’t familiar with French, so it’s great for parents (or teachers) that don’t know French themselves as well! It is recommended for ages 2-7. Although we are a homeschooling family, I feel “Dedans et Dehors” could be used by any family that would like their children to learn French!


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Highly Recommended

Mixing animation and live-action, this playful French immersion program for preschool and elementary children features human host, Marie, who is assisted by Fritzi the animated mouse, a few cuddly hand puppets, and a group of smiling kids as she introduces several basic words and phrases. The short lighthearted sketches and songs here feature hand motions, props, and French subtitles that correspond with each word, making it easy to follow along. The tone is lively, with the youngsters laughing, adopting silly voices, and obviously having a lot of fun. While the presentation is continuous, the content is arranged so that it can be easily played in shorter sections (viewers also have the option to view the musical numbers separately). Packing a lot of information into a compact program, this is an effective immersion program aimed at ages 2-7. The DVD also includes a pamphlet featuring song lyrics and English translations for the words used in the show.  Highly recommended.

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Research shows that early childhood is the best time to learn a second language. And if you want your kids to learn French, Whistlefritz’s Dedans et Dehors will help you give your kids a wonderful, life-enhancing gift. This research-based program uses a language-immersion approach, but does it using upbeat songs, skits, a group of peers as diverse as the speakers of French across the globe, and animations that encourage children to participate actively with the programs. Great for dads, whether you’re a native speaker, studied French in high school, or don’t know a word. In case you’re in one of the last two categories, a handy translation guide and French subtitles help you learn along with your children. Mr. Dad

Mixing brightly colored animation with live-action footage, this peppy program uses language immersion to teach French to young viewers. Asking “Où est Fritzi?,” host Marie searches for mischievous animated mouse Fritzi, naming each room (la cuisine for “kitchen,” la sale de bain for “bathroom,” and le salon for “living room”) and pointing out what activities take place in each room. Fritzi is finally found sleeping in la chambre (“bedroom”). French terms are captioned onscreen. Children on the playground demonstrate up and down, and Marie leads viewers in a song that shows hands going up, down, back, front, and side. Marie’s little helpers count cookies and juggle pieces of fruit. Marie introduces each French word, followed by a clear demonstration and repetition of the word by children. Catchy music, cute kids, and clever animation make this a great choice…

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As some of you may know, I was born and raised in France and therefore I am bilingual in French and English. I’ve always appreciated the benefits of being bilingual, but I’ve found it much more difficult to teach my kids than I had expected. With my husband only speaking English, I find myself speaking English at home as well.

I always look for ways to introduce French into our home. My kids hear French spoken often, as I speak it with my family, but it is definitely not enough for them to be fluent.

We listen to French music in car, and I’ve tried DVDs before, but I’ve usually found myself disappointed with them as the characters often have strong foreign accents.

I was very interested in trying the new French for Kids: Dedans et Dehors (inside and Out) by Whistlefritz.

Here’s a little bit about the DVD from the company:

Fritzi’s in the house! But où est Fritzi? Finding the mischievous mouse Fritzi is just part of the fun in this lively language learning program from Whistlefritz, the award-winning producers of the Spanish for Kids series of DVDs and CDs. This French immersion DVD welcomes you to Fritzi’s house, where up or down, inside or out, there is lots to learn and plenty to do. Explore every area of Fritzi’s house, from la chambre (the bedroom) and la salle de bain (the bathroom) to le salon (the living room) and la cuisine (the kitchen). An engaging interactive format teaches children basic greetings, positional words, food, daily activities, numbers, and more. But that’s not all! Nous allons chanter et danser! (We’re going to sing and dance!) This DVD will have children on their feet dancing along to upbeat rhythms. Dedans et Dehors is an engaging blend of colorful backgrounds, charming animation and live-action that kids will want to revisit again and again. This DVD includes an easy-to-use translation guide for parents and teachers, who are first time learners of French, as well as French subtitles. Designed for children ages 2-7, Dedans et Dehorsis fun for all ages!

My kids were very excited to watch it. From the beginning, the DVD captured their attention. I loved that it uses the immersion method which does not translate what is said, but it shows examples and repeats words often enough to be able to understand what is said.

The DVD teaches a broad range of terms, from counting to positional words, to foods, and many more. My kids favorite parts are the songs, and the ability to stand up and dance along with the kids in the DVD.

The music was very catchy, and the video that went along with the song made it very easy to understand what was being said.

I was very pleased to hear native French speaking in the DVD. I thought the quality was very professional.

This DVD is great for any family looking to introduce a new language in their home. It’s full of bright colors, and fun music that will captivate children’s attention the whole time.

The DVD is about 35 minutes long which is perfect for young kids who tend to get distracted after a while.

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Whistlefritz is a charming little mouse that will teach French to your young children ages two to seven. This educational DVD is very colorful and delightful because it uses every day conversation to inspire children and expand their vocabulary. With French subtitles this is just a wonderful and entertaining show that children will be in awe of as they watch and learn. Children learn by hearing those around them speak, making this DVD an entertaining way to add the French language to your young children. Dove awards our “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages to “French for Kids: Dedans et Dehors – Inside and Out“. The Dove Foundation