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Any parent of a toddler can empathize with this dilemma: a child is crying because he lost his apple, but can’t be soothed with another apple, because he wants the one that was his! While that description sounds like the set up for a raucous song about a toddler temper tantrum, this traditional Spanish song […]


My donkey is sick! In this beloved Spanish folksong, the doctor treats the donkey’s different ailments from head to toe until the donkey is finally healthy. The song teaches Spanish words for parts of the body as well as how to say that something hurts. This country music version of the song is a lively […]


It’s time to dance, sing, and have a parade! It’s Carnaval! This high-energy Spanish children’s song — “CARNAVAL” — teaches action words associated with the celebration of the season known as Carnaval. The song, performed by Ileana Pérez, is from the Whistlefritz CD CARNAVAL — Spanish Learning Songs. Song “CARNAVAL” from the Whistlefritz CD CARNAVAL. CARNAVAL […]


Everybody in the car! It’s time to go camping! But just when the journey is underway, the family realizes another item they forgot at home and needs to turn back. This lively Spanish children’s song — “NOS VAMOS A ACAMPAR” — teaches Spanish vocabulary for items associated with camping, like tents, flashlights, coolers, and sleeping […]


Where are you from? It’s impossible to sit still as this high-energy Spanish children’s song takes kids on a tour of Spanish-speaking countries from Argentina to Venezuela. The song — “¿DE DÓNDE ERES?” — teaches kids common Spanish names and the names of Spanish-speaking cities all to a pulsating soca beat. The song, performed by […]


Under a button that Martin found, there was a tiny, little mouse. Infused with the rhythm of the Congo, this soukous arrangement is an exciting new musical twist on the beloved traditional Spanish children’s song — “DEBAJO UN BOTÓN.” Kids will love singing the percussive repetition of the last syllable of each line in the […]


What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor, a nurse, a conductor, an astronaut, a magician! This engaging children’s song teaches different jobs in French. It’s also a great opportunity to play dress up. The song is from Whistlefritz’s CD ALLONS DANSER! Song “QUAND JE SERAI GRAND” from the Whistlefritz CD […]