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“DÍA DE SAN VALENTIN” (Valentine’s Day)

A kiss, a hug, a present, an “I love you”. It’s Valentine’s Day! This sing-along Spanish Valentine’s Day song – DÍA DE SAN VALENTIN – teaches kids many Spanish words associated with Valentine’s Day. The song, performed by Ileana Pérez, is from Whistlefritz’s CD ¡BUENOS DÍAS! Song “DÍA DE SAN VALENTIN” from the Whistlefritz CD […]

“¿CÓMO SE LLAMA LA LLAMA?” (What’s the Llama’s Name?)

It’s the first day of school in the animal classroom and the teacher asks each student their name. This lively merengue song – ¿CÓMO SE LLAMA LA LLAMA? – teaches kids how to say “What’s your name?” “What’s his/her name?” and “His/her name is…” Kids also learn the names of animals from Latin America – […]

“ARBOLITO DE PERÚ” (Little Tree from Peru)

This cheerful reggae song – ARBOLITO DE PERÚ – sets to music the traditional Spanish children’s rhyme. The song teaches vowels, common Spanish names, and the question “What’s your name?” and response “My name is…” The song, performed by Jorge Anaya and Ileana Pérez, is from Whistlefritz’s CD ¡BUENOS DÍAS! Song “ARBOLITO DE PERÚ” from […]

“CUANDO LLEGUE LA NOCHE” (When the Night Comes)

This soothing Spanish children’s lullaby – CUANDO LLEGUE LA NOCHE – is the perfect end to the day. The lyrics were written by Jessie Pérez and performed by her sister, Ileana Pérez. The song is from the Whistlefritz CD ¡BUENOS DÍAS! Song “CUANDO LLEGUE LA NOCHE” from the Whistlefritz CD ¡BUENOS DÍAS!  CUANDO LLEGUE LA […]

“SONIDOS DEL FLAMENCO” (Sounds of Flamenco)

Flamenco dancer Sara Jerez (aka María in the Whistlefritz videos) and her husband, flamenco guitarist, Ricardo Marlow, created this awesome introduction to flamenco music and dance. Kids can clap, play castanets, and stomp along to the catchy lyrics and rhythm, as they learn words and phrases associated with flamenco. This song –SONIDOS DEL FLAMENCO – […]

“EL TAMAL NO ESTÁ MAL” (The Tamale Isn’t Bad)

Juanito is a picky eater. He’s not sure he wants to eat anything. As his parents encourage him to try different dishes, he learns that he likes them all! This Spanish song for kids – EL TAMAL NO ESTÁ MAL – teaches different foods and ways to say that food is good. The song, performed […]

“MANZANITA DE PERÚ” (Little Apple from Peru)

This amazing song takes the game MANZANITA DE PERÚ and sets it to magical Andean music.  Kids hear the traditional Andean instruments of the zampoñas and chajchasas as they learn the Spanish words for numbers and the question “How old are you?” The song, performed by Ileana Pérez and Andrés Mallea of The Mystic Warriors, […]


It’s time to take a trip!  Let’s go by car, train, plane and boat.  This beautiful Spanish children’s song — “ME GUSTA VIAJAR” — teaches Spanish words for different forms of transportation and places. The song, performed by Jorge Anaya, is from Whistlefritz’s CD CHA, CHA, CHA — Spanish Learning Songs. Song “ME GUSTA VIAJAR” […]


Thanksgiving has arrived! The family is all together. What has everyone brought to share? This catchy French children’s song teaches French vocabulary for different kinds of food and members of the family. The song, composed by Didier Prossaird, is from the Whistlefritz CD CARNAVAL. Song “LE JOUR DE L’ACTION DE GRÂCE” from the Whistlefritz CD CARNAVAL. […]

When is the best time to start exposing children to a second language?

by Heidi Stock When is the best time to start exposing children to a second language? As early as possible! In fact, babies benefit from hearing a second language as early as during pregnancy. Here’s the evidence: 1.  Babies recognize the differences between languages within hours after birth! Research shows that babies learn the rhythm […]