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En Español >> PRODUCTS: ¡A Bailar! - Let's Dance

Spanish Music for Kids

¡A Bailar!¡A Bailar! Let's Dance! is a collection of dance-able, sing-able, toe-tapping Spanish melodies for kids of all ages. Upbeat Latin rhythms help children learn the Spanish words for letters, numbers, colors, parts of the body, directions, activities, and more! ¡A Bailar! Let's Dance! includes popular traditional children's songs as well as original compositions by award-winning Latin American musical artist, Jorge Anaya. Songs introduce children to both Spanish vocabulary and a variety of Latin music as they sing and dance along to a playful mix of salsa, merengue, corrido, cumbia, ranchera, rumba, and more!

This collection of memorable music will appeal to kids and grown-ups alike and, best of all, it makes learning Spanish simple and fun!

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Track Listing

  1. Cabeza Hombros (Head Shoulders)
  2. El Baile de las Manos (The Hand Dance)
  3. Ere y Erre (R and RR)
  4. De Colores
  5. Vengan a Ver Mi Granja (The Farm)
  6. Hora de Limpiar (The Clean Up Song)
  7. Brilla Brilla Estrellita (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
  8. El Arco Iris (The Rainbow Song)
  9. Los Niños Cuando Bailan (When the Children Dance)
  10. Los Pollitos (The Little Chicks)
  11. Abecedario (The Alphabet Song)
  12. Los Deditos (The Fingers)
  13. Baila, Baila, Baila (Dance, Dance, Dance)
  14. Las Mañanitas (Birthday Serenade)
  15. Ojos, Orejas (Eyes, Ears)
  16. Arrullo Abecedario (Alphabet Lullaby)

About the Artist

Jorge AnayaJorge Anaya is an award-winning singer and songwriter, who has delighted audiences of all ages across the United States and Latin America. Jorge Anaya has been performing for children and adults for decades. A native of El Salvador, Jorge Anaya is currently a citizen of the United States residing in the Washington, DC area.



Winner of an iParenting Media Award; winner of The National Parenting Center's 2008 Seal of Approval; winner of a 2008 Parents' Choice Approved Award; endorsed by KIDS FIRST!

  • iParenting Media Hot Award
  • National Parenting Center Award
  • Parent's Choice Award
  • Kids First! Award

Product Reviews

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"…exceptional production values, great sound and superb assortment of songs that featured many styles of music..."
The National Parenting Center

"I LOVED this CD and so did my children!"
iParenting Media Awards

"…lively and fun!"